a nice piece about my movie mix project on BOING BOING  “My favorite DJ, DF Tram — who draws from far-out jazz, psych, experimental ambient, soundtracks, avant-garde classical, and myriad other genres — just posted this glorious “Movie Mix” that he describes as “a “a selection of sounds from films that have inspired me, audio from scenes that I enjoy, scenes imagined, and scenes discovered along the way.” What a fantastic way to lose yourself for 90 minutes.”You can watch the visual portion with Cal-TV here on vimeo.

DF Tram & Cal-TV presents: The Great Movie Remix from John Callaghan on Vimeo.


“Join renowned ambient Producer and DJ DF Tram as his music guides you through this feature length audio visual journey. Joined with visual inspiration from Video Dub Poobah, Stellar by Starlight uses film clips, vintage commercials and video art as a meandering path that goes from scares to satire, politics to psychedelics with a splash of humor along the way. A truly unique experience that must be had. -Dino Lava”