a nice piece about my movie mix project on BOING BOING  “My favorite DJ, DF Tram — who draws from far-out jazz, psych, experimental ambient, soundtracks, avant-garde classical, and myriad other genres — just posted this glorious “Movie Mix” that he describes as “a “a selection of sounds from films that have inspired me, audio from scenes that I enjoy, scenes imagined, and scenes discovered along the way.” What a fantastic way to lose yourself for 90 minutes.”You can watch the visual portion with Cal-TV here on vimeo.

DF Tram & Cal-TV presents: The Great Movie Remix from John Callaghan on Vimeo.


My set with Video Dub Poobah at Chillits 2015. “ILLEGAL LINGO” RE-IMAGINED ,VISUALLY

DF Tram @Chillits 9/27/2015 Transmitted by Video Dub Poobah from Video Dub Poobah on Vimeo.