DF Tram -“Illegal Lingo”

DF Tram’s “Illegal Lingo” now available here on iTunes .


“ILLEGAL LINGO” is a 20 year musical journey. 12 little stories based on events, people, dreams, and experiences, from my life. I wanted to make an album incorporating these stories, and also using different styles of music that have influenced me over the years. Music I found myself listening to at home, in the car, on headphones around town, or at a club. I think a lot of the tracks on the album work in different situations. A dj could play them at a club, or one could listen to them driving down a lonesome highway. The album kind of took on a life of it’s own as it was coming together. Each track is different, but somehow they connect, and feel cohesive, at least to me. I think because the themes are universal. Like time, life/death, relationships, solitude, humor, the environment, people can relate to them. Steve Miller did an amazing job too with producing the album. He is like a wizard sprinkling his magic dust over my tracks. I think working with him gave the album a unique sound. A wild combination, my psychedelia, and dj sensibility , mixed with his unique, rich, lounge sound. To me, the album feels kind of like a psychedelic lounge album from the 60’s, but updated for today.