DF Tram new album in 2018

hello friends! hope this year is finding you most excellently chillaxed so far…………… lots of new projects in the works… including a new DF Tram album “Serenitay Infinitay” with remixes by The Orb, The Irresistible Force, and others…….the album will be released on Liquid Sound Design later this year….

Summer will find me doing screenings of my latest ambient road movie “Stellar By Starlight” at venues and festivals around Europe, including a special screening at Bestival (UK)

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see the trailer here ….

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DF Tram -“Illegal Lingo”

DF Tram’s “Illegal Lingo” now available here on iTunes .


“ILLEGAL LINGO” is a 20 year musical journey. 12 little stories based on events, people, dreams, and experiences, from my life. I wanted to make an album incorporating these stories, and also using different styles of music that have influenced me over the years. Music I found myself listening to at home, in the car, on headphones around town, or at a club. I think a lot of the tracks on the album work in different situations. A dj could play them at a club, or one could listen to them driving down a lonesome highway. The album kind of took on a life of it’s own as it was coming together. Each track is different, but somehow they connect, and feel cohesive, at least to me. I think because the themes are universal. Like time, life/death, relationships, solitude, humor, the environment, people can relate to them. Steve Miller did an amazing job too with producing the album. He is like a wizard sprinkling his magic dust over my tracks. I think working with him gave the album a unique sound. A wild combination, my psychedelia, and dj sensibility , mixed with his unique, rich, lounge sound. To me, the album feels kind of like a psychedelic lounge album from the 60’s, but updated for today.